"Diamond Fold Card"

Our Guest Instructor is Chris Walker

Copyright 2008 All rights reserved

From the age of three Chris been addicted to paper, glitter and glue! She particularly loves experimenting with new techniques, unusual card folds, making mini books, and scrapbooking and loves to try to keep an eye on the latest trends and colours. 


Chris lives in Cheshire, England with her husband and two beautiful Maine Coon cats, and works as a papercrafting demonstrator.

Step 1: Take a strip of card or good quality designer paper, size 4” x 12”.


Step 2:  Place the card face up, aligned along the 12” length of the Scor-Palฎ board.


Step 3:  Score vertically at 2”, 4”, 8” and 10”


Step 4: Turnover the card and place a tiny pencil mark at the 6” mark on the top and bottom edge of the card.


Step 5:  Align the top edge of the 2” scored line and the pencil mark on the bottom edge of the card along the 4ฝ” line of the Scor-Palฎ and score.  Without moving the cardstock score also on the ▼ mark between 7” and 7.5”, creating another scored line which is parallel to the first.  This second scored line should connect the top edge pencil line to the bottom edge of the 10” vertical scored line.

Step 6:

Turn the card 180˚ and make similar scores as above – this time from the centre pencil line at the top edge of the card to the bottom edge of the 2” scored line and next from the 10” scored line to the pencil mark at the bottom edge of the card.



                                                                                                This is a different card to the one

                                                                                          pictured above. The flaps are decorated






Step 7: By now you should see that a diamond shape has been created in the centre of the card.  Turn the card over and crease all vertical scored lines into valley folds and all diagonal scores into mountain folds.


Step 8: Hold the wings of the card and push inwards to enable the diamond centre to come into relief.  Decorate and embellish as desired.

The card when folded measures 4” square.