Squash Book

Alli Miles © Copyright 2007 All Rights Reserved

Our Guest Instructor is Alli Miles



· Paper Cutter

· Misc Sentiment stamps

· Stamp Set

· Ink

Scor-Tape™ or double sided adhesive

· Patterned Paper

· 3-4 Pieces of Cardstock

· 4 Photos

Step 1:

Cut three pieces of 8.5" x 11" to 8" x 8". 

Cut four  4" x 4" squares and set aside. 

Cut four photos to 3.75" x 3.75" and set aside.

Step 2:

With cardstock oriented to the top and left fence and holding paper firmly in place to the scoring surface, score at 4".

Rotate the sheet a quarter turn and follow the above directions.

Finally, score a line diagonally from the upper right hand corner to the lower left hand corner.


Step 3:

Using your patterned paper, cut two 3.75" x 3.75" squares.  Now line it up diagonally on your paper cutter and cut down the centre to make triangles.  You should have four triangles all together. 

Step 4:

Decorate one of the pages with stamped images as shown. I used a white pigment ink. This is your middle page.

Step 5:

Lay your mounted photos and pattern paper triangles on your three 8 x 8 pieces of cardstock for placement.  All diagonal scores should run from top right to bottom left (dotted line on photo). Note the blank areas and stamp them using your preferred stamps and ink.

NOTE: There are no pictures on the lower right square Page one (x) and no pictures on lower right  square of Page 2.




Step 6:

Once Step 5 is completed adhere your 8" x 8" cardstock squares together.  Lay the centre square on top of the other two 8 x 8 squares and adhere together using Scor-Tape™ or double sided adhesive. . 

Step 7:

In preparation to “squash your book” you are going fold on score lines.  On the first page the middle diagonals are folded “up” into mountain folds. On the middle piece of cardstock the diagonals are folded “down ” into valley folds. On the third page the middle diagonals are folded “up” into mountain folds. Squash your book. This takes a little practice to begin with as the newly embellished cardstock is thick but as you open and squash it, you will find that there is some ease with opening. Use your Scor-Tool to further flatten the front and back page segment.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Step 8: Decorate the cover of your book.

Create a belly band for you book using a piece of cardstock ½-1 inch is best) and decorate it.

Back of book

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Have fun making your own Squash books!

Alli and her husband Stephen have two beautiful children, Andrew and Olivia. They are very lucky to  live on the REAL west coast of Canada and stare out to the Pacific Ocean every day.

A teacher by trade, she enjoys being a work at home mum, with a passion for all things papercraft, gardening, hiking and camping.

Crafting since a young girl, she found a renewed interest just before her first child was born in 2002 and started scrapbooking.  Her children have been the catalyst for this new adventure.  Alli joined Stampin’Up! and became a Demonstrator in February 2004.

She has  big dreams and works to see them through to the end.  Being a  firm believer in positive energy Alli enjoys doing good things in life.