**Please Note:  I was originally inspired by a friend of mines, Joyce Jensen, who was originally inspired by Ben Franklin's store for this Mini Scrapbook Purse.  I simply re-wrote this tutorial in my own words and with my own photos.  Some of the steps have been altered to create the project I had in mind.   

Mini Scrapbook Purse

Jen Young © Copyright 2007 All Rights Reserved


· Scor-Pal®

· Decorator  Paper  cut measure 11 3/4" square

· 12" x 12" coordinating cardstock

· 4 1/4" x 5 1/4" coordinating cardstock

· Stampin’ Up! Slot Punch

· Paper Cutter

· Scor-Tape™ (available in online store) or other double sided adhesive

· Ribbon

· Embellishments for album




Jen, her husband Charlie and their two boys, Chazz and Cyrus live on the beautiful island of Hawaii.

A number of years ago a craft journey began with Jen’s first foray into rubber stamping. This soon developed into Scrapbooking with her pages becoming more a work of ’Art” then mere scrapbooking. She likes to call herself a “Scramper”. Jen’s biggest joy is realized when she can share her work with others through classes, workshops or tutorials like this. To help others realize their creative talents or when her creation puts a smile on someone's face, nothing is more gratifying than this.

Step 1: Line up the corner of the paper with the 6" groove. Be sure the sides of the paper are at the same position on both side fences. Score the full length of the scoring surface. Flip the paper, and score the remaining section. Fold on the crease. 

Step 2:    Turn the paper, the middle fold is now against the left fence of the Scor-Pal - and the point of the paper is pointing to the right.  Score 1” from the middle fold. Score at 51/2".

Step 3: Turn your paper so that the point is now facing downwards.  Align left point with left fence. Score at 1” and 5 1/2”. Align right point with right fence. Score at 7” and 11”. 

Step 4:  Fold on all of your creases - because the Scor-Pal indentions are fairly deep, I didn't need to use a bone folder - it was already easy enough to fold. 

Step 5: Now open up your paper, and you should be able to see all of your scored lines. Fold in the 2 points (which were scored at 1" each).

Step 7: Use the slot punch to punch an opening for the ribbon which will be attached as a handle. It will look like this.

Step 8:  Now, it's time to fold it in the purse.  Fold the top and bottom triangles inwards.

Step 9:  The point of the lower arrow is turned back to the point of the top arrow. The second photo shows the fold.

Step 10:  After completing all 4 corners your purse will look like this.

Step 11:  Use Scor-Tape™ to tape down all the triangles.

Step 12:  “Squish” the bag together like a milk carton top. 

Now let’s create the Mini Accordion Album which will go inside the purse.



· 12" x 12" cardstock to coordinate with purse

· 41/4" x 51/4" coordinating cardstock

· Paper Cutter

· Scor-Tape™ (available in the online store)               

· Ribbon

· Embellishments to decorate....



Step 1:  12” x 12” cardstock, score at 5" and 10" (dashes).  You should have a leftover 2" flap on the right – do NOT cut this off!!!).


Step 2: Using your paper cutter, turn your cardstock a quarter turn cut into 3 sections  (4” wide) (straight lines, for reference only, not to scale). These 3 panels create your accordion album. 


Step 3: Cut off one 2” flap. This will be the last page. Apply Scor-Tape™ to the 2" flaps. Remove covering and attach the first panel to the next and the second to the last panel. 



Step 4:

Accordion pleat.

Step 5:  Use Scor-Tape™ to attach the coordinating ribbon right on to the base cardstock (cut the ribbon long enough to wrap around your album, and to tie into a bow).

Step 6:  Use Scor-Tape™ to adhere the accordion album (the last page) to the base cardstock sandwiching the ribbon.

Step 7:  Bring the ribbon around, and tie the ribbon in a bow at the front of the album. 


Step 8:  Decorate with various embellishments and DS paper, put into your purse when done!

Our Guest Instructor is Jen Young