Grid and Reverse Grid:    For card panel, trim the paper to 4” x 5”. Align paper with left and top ruler fence.

                                        Score at 1”, 2” and 3”. Turn the card panel a quarter turn, align as before. Score

                                        at 1”, 2”, 3’ and 4”. This produces a grid panel ready to be stamped. It resembles

                                         ceramic tile.


                                        The reverse side of the score line is a raised ridge. Score as above but use the

                                         raised ridge side. This is the Reverse Grid Technique.


                                        I love making these cards so I prepare four panels at once. Cut your card stock to

                                        measure 8” x 10”. Align paper with top and left side fence.

                                        Score at 1”, 2”, 3”, 5”, 6” and 7”. Turn paper a quarter turn. Score at

                                        1’, 2”, 3”, 4” , 6”, 7”, 8” and 9”. Cut paper at 4” lengthwise and then at 5” across

                                        (solid black lines).


Judy is a retired first grade school teacher who now lives in Pennsylvania

Most of her teaching career  was at Schenectady Christian School in Scotia, NY. 

 She has been interested in crafts her whole life.  Judy has been stamping

for about 10 years or so and enjoys  learning new techniques and using

different tools for the craft of stamping. She is active in her church.

Judy has won prizes for her cards at conventions, stores, on-line contests, and

other contests. She has also been published in Take Ten magazine. 

She has three grown  children (2 daughters and one son), all are married and

three beautiful granddaughters – ages: 19 month and 4 month old twin girls. 


             Grid Card

All text Copyright 2007 Diana Crick

All text Copyright 2007 Diana Crick

Our Guest Instructor is Judy Jackson