Our Guest Instructor is
Charlene Driggs

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8” x 8” square black vellum or origami paper


Glow in the dark paint

Step 1:

Align opposite points of the paper on the 6” groove. Score, and fold to form a triangle.   For this project make sure the valley of the score is on the inside.

Step 2:

Place the flat end of the triangle along the left side of the Scor-Pal.  Score at the 2” mark.  Fold on the score line, flatten using the Scor-Tool making sure the valley of the score faces the inside.

Step 3:

Place the flat end of the folded triangle (pointed side up, flat side down) along the top edge of the Scor-Pal so the pointed end is at the 6” mark.  Lightly score along the 6” line.


Step 4:

Flip the bat over so that the 2” flap faces up.  Fold each end in about 3/8” from the center score. Fold using the Scor-Tool, pressing firmly. You have now formed the wings.


Bring this fold to

meet this fold

Step 5:

Flip the paper over so that the wings are to the back and the flat side of the vellum faces you.  Use your scissors to cut ears on the flat edge.  Flip the bat again.  Use glow in the dark paint to make eyes. 

Hang using dental floss, fishing line or  use glue dots to tape to branches. 


Optional:  Smaller bats may be made using 6” x 6” squares of vellum or origami paper and following the same instructions.

"Origami Bats"