Our Resident Instructor is Sharon Gabrielson

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CS with a white core is preferred

CS without white core will need an ink pad to wipe across the score lines

Sanding block or sand paper


Step 1:

Start in a corner of the paper and make score lines diagonally; all coming from the same corner like a starburst.

Step 2:

Start in the same corner on an outside line (refer to pictures as a reference).  Each time you come to the next line change directions by moving the paper and not the stylus.  You will stay in the same groove. Try not to pick up the stylus at all when creating the zig zags.  When you reach the other side of the pape, start the process again until you get the look you like.

Step 3:

When you are done making your spider web turn the paper over and start sanding if you have white core paper; if not, use an ink pad to gently rub across the score lines.

The only problem you’ll have is where to put things so you don’t cover up your beautiful creation.



· If you make a line you don’t want just turn the paper over and use the stylus to burnish the line back into the paper.

· When making a card, you only score on the front of the card.  You have total control with this product.


"Spider Web Card"