Customizing your own envelopes

By Lauren Meader © Copyright 2007 all rights reserved

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Making your own envelopes is often a task most won't attempt for many reasons.

When you take the time to make a gorgeous card, doesn't it deserve its own gorgeous wrapper?


With Scor-Pal, making your own envelopes is now a super easy task.

The Scor-Pal when paired with these simple key measurements will make the task easy.


My technique for these envelopes can be applied to ANY card size card.

Just a few key points you need to remember and you are well on your way!


Envelope Paper Size Formula


1. Measure size of your finished card

2. Length of card plus 1 1/4" = Width of Paper

3. Width of Card x 2 plus 1/2 of the width = Length of paper


For example

1.  An A2 card is 51/2" long x 4 1/4” wide

2. 51/2” + 1 1/4 “ = 6 3/4"

3. 4/14 x 2 = 8 1/2" + half of 4Ό which is 2 1/8  is 8 1/2” + 2 1/8 = 10 5/8” round up to 10 3/4”


Your finished paper size is 6 3/4” wide x 10 3/4" long.


Scoring Formula


Card is A2 size as above but this works with any size card


· Always score 1/2" along both long sides

· Subtract 1 1/4" from width, this is the first score line across the width of the paper for example 41/4”- 1 1/4” = 3”     First score is at 3”

· Second Score- add card width to first score line plus 1/4” for example  3” ( first score) + 4 1/4" (card width) + 1/4" = 7 1/2”   Next score line is at 7 1/2”.




Step 1: Cut paper to measure 6 3/4” wide x 10 3/4" long.

Step 2: Align paper so the 6 3/4" width is to the top and right fence. Score at 11 1/2". Turn the paper and score the other side at 11 1/2".



Step 3: Turn paper so the 10 3/4"length is aligned with the top and left fence. Score at 3" and 7 1/2".



Step 4: Snip excess from top and bottom panel.

Step 5:  OPTIONAL use corner rounder to round top corners of flap closure and envelopes side flaps. Note the guard has been taken off the punch so you can snip the side corners. You may also choose to do a scalloped border for top flap at this time.


Step 6: Add Terrific Tape ( sold in online store) adhesive to BOTTOM FLAP edge ( red line shown) Bottom flap is smaller than your side panels so the adhesive will not show.



Step 7: Fold in side panels, remove adhesive backing and fold up bottom panel.

Step 8: Insert card. You may choose to add a removable adhesive for the closure or tie closed with ribbon.


Voilΰ a gorgeous custom "Envelope"