“6 Pointed Star Ornament”

Jen Young does it again, another great tutorial

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· Scor-Pal®

· 6" x 6" Decorator Paper

· Crop-a-dile (CAD)

· Stapler

· Ribbon

Step 1:

Score your paper at 1", 3", and 5" right side up. Turn paper over score at 2" and 4". We need to alternate the scoring lines. 


Step 2:

Accordion fold the paper as shown in photo. This is because we always fold with the score line to the outside of the fold.

Step 3:

Hold all folds together and cut each end in a slant as shown in photo.

Step 4:

Fold in half.

Step 5:

Staple in the middle, horizontally, with the staple as close to the edge of the star. Look closely at the photo.

Step 6:

After you have stapled the middle start to open your star, forming the first half of the star and stapling the edges together.

Step 7:

Do the same to the other side. This forms the second side of the star.

Step 7:

This is the back of the star after the stapling has been completed.

Step 8:

Use your CAD to punch a 3/16” hole in one of the star points. Set an eyelet in the hole. Knot a ribbon and insert the fold of the ribbon from the back.

Voilà a perfect Christmas star ornament!