Favor Box 2-4-6-8

Text Box:





Step 2:

Score right side up at 2", 4",  6" and 8".

Step 3:

Rotate paper 90 degrees. Score at 2".


Thread ribbon through the 2 holes…. Tie and your favor box is completed!

You can vary the height of these boxes by varying the length of the paper. An 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of cardstock gives you a very tall box.

Our Resident Instructor is Jen Young


· Cardstock or heavy decorator paper 8 1/2" x 11"

· Scor-Tape™ - sold in the online store. (Awesome stuff)

· Ribbon for closure

· Embellishments of your choice

· Crop-a-dile or strong punch

Step 1: Take the 8-1/2” x 11” DS paper, and cut in half at 5-1/2”.  You will be able to make 2 favor boxes with each ½ sheet.

Text Box:


Step 4:

Cut the scored line from the edge to the 2" score line. Fold all creases.

Step 5:

With design side up, attach double stick tape to 3 of the 2” squares, as well as the entire tab at the end on the right (thin tab). Apply double stick tape as close to the crease as possible. This is where the edges will meet up, and you do not want any gaps, or paper to look like it’s not sticking. 


Step 6:

Flip your paper over, and adhere sticky tape to the bottom right 2” square.  Apply double stick tape on all 4 edges of this piece.



Step 7:

Starting with the thin tab, attach the edges together, and create a square tube. 

Step 8:

Fold in each of the squares one on top of each other, with the last one being the one that has all 4 edges taped. 

Step 9:

Fold in both sides, squeeze the top together like a milk carton.             

Step 10:

Pinch together tightly and punch two 1/8" holes.