As you start to play with Scor-Pal I promise magical things are going to happen. There is something about laying down a sheet of cardstock and have the option of scoring here and there, maybe 1” away or 3” away and then another score. You will come up with lots of new ways of folding cards.


This “magic” happened for me after I had made an eight panel accordion fold where I had cut the paper to 10 1/2” rather than 10”. I was bending it into shape and lo and behold there was a box in the shape of a “star” . Now the bottom of the box took a little more thinking but I was determined I would figure it out and as you will see in Diana’s Star Box Tutorial, I did. I figured this was the only way I would ever have a star named after me so I hope you will forgive my indulgence <g>.


We will be showcasing many different boxes. Enjoy filling them!!