Our Resident Instructor is Beate Johns

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· One 8” square of cardstock

· Scor-Pal®

· Crop-a-dile

· Ribbon

· Stamps

· Dimensionals or adhesive

Step 1:

Score your cardstock at 1”, 3”, 5” and 7”

Score lines are emphasized.


Step 2:

Turn cardstock 90 degrees and score again at 1”, 3”, 5” and 7”.


Step 3:

Cut off outer panels except for the center one of each side. These will be your fold over flaps.

I cut my center panel down to ¾” in height.

Step 4:

Line up one of your box corners with the 4 ¼” mark. The corner to the left will touch the left side of your Scor-Pal. Now score the top and bottom outer square diagonally.

Step 5:

Turn cardstock 90 degrees and repeat step 4.


Step 6:

Cut from the low point of one flap, to the low point to the next flap. It will cut your outer squares in half, leaving only a scored triangle.  Repeat on all four corners.

Step 7:

Stamp the sides of your boxes. It’s okay if your stamping overlaps on the triangles as they won’t be seen.

Add decorative edges to your flaps if desired. Make sure you are decorating the side with the score lines. This is the right side of your box.

Step 8:

Pre fold all your scores.

Step 9:

Add a dimensional under your flap and fold over.

Step 10:

Fold up one side at a time and punch a hole with your Crop-a-Dile.


Step 10b (Inside view):

Punch through the flaps on the inside of the box. It will help keep the flaps on the side when ribbon is pulled through.


Step 12:

Fold up and tie ribbon through holes.

Step 11:

Holes have been completed

Step 12:

Decorate the box front and fill with goodies



"Tiny Take Out Box"